DIY Carpet Removal in Asa’s Room (Part Two)

I promise that I will stop blogging about the same room all of the time right after this post. Promise.

This posts picks up from yesterday’s post- DIY Carpet Removal in Asa’s Room (Part One)- and will, thankfully, finish off the updates that we currently have in the works for this room. Sometimes it is so relieving to finish items off of your check list, but it is even nicer to know you no longer have to mess with that room, too. Moving on…

Let’s review. The room started here:

And then we made some progress into this stage of it (see more of those pictures here):

toddler room, montessori, kids room

toddler room, montessori, kids room

Then I experienced a burst of ambition and did this (see the rest of those details here):

DIY Carpet Removal to Wood Flooring Underneath

DIY Carpet Removal to Wood Flooring Underneath

And now we are caught up to the present. As you know from yesterday’s post, the carpet removal process went about as good as one could hope. I might have skipped a bit after it was cleaned and polished, too. I remember waking up the next morning with all sorts of aches and pains but glancing at the shiny wood floor made them all feel worth it. Of course, my next thought was that I still needed to paint the trim and reassemble the room but honestly, that felt like an exciting task compared with the previous day’s work.

The trim simply needed one coat of paint because the primer had done its job and most of it was already white to begin with. Once that was dry, I started setting up the room again. Naturally, I took this as an opportunity to try a few different arrangements of his furniture. Here is the end result:

Asa's Montessori Room with New Floors!

I will admit that I am pretty pleased with his room now. The warmth of the floor was exactly what the space needed, especially in contrast with the white trim. This picture (and the ones below) show a few of the changes that I made in terms of layout. The toy shelf ended up under the window rather than the adjacent wall it was previously on because it had been covering a vent. It was poor planning on my part in the first round. Especially because we live in Michigan and need all of the heat we can get! His desk moved across the room and we had to switch out his wood chair with a plastic one that wouldn’t scratch the floors. His bed migrated across the room as well because his new-to-him dresser took its old place.

Speaking of that dresser, it had been in our bedroom but I kind of felt that the long, low dresser wasn’t a good fit anymore. He really just needs a place to store his clothes and lots of space to play. You’ll see in the picture below that the dresser we moved into his room takes up much less horizontal space. The old dresser is now in our bedroom and currently experiencing a face-lift (yay for more projects!). In order to help the new dresser fit it, I added some fun knobs, some of which were already in his old one, but the blue and white ones were added to tie in the trim and wall color.

A few of the other fun changes include adding fabric to the back of his cube shelf and hanging another banner over his new bed area. Both changes seemed to add a coziness factor, wouldn’t you agree? We also found a funky lamp on clearance at JCPenney for only $15! It was literally marked down 90% :)!

Asa's Montessori Room with New Floors!The last thing that I will go on about is the addition of Asa’s mobile from his nursery at the old house. Somehow the mobile survived the move over to the new house and remained mostly intact. I had been itching to hang it but was unsure of where it should go. Once we got to this stage, I felt pretty confident that it would be okay to put it up and thankfully am very happy with the results! That mobile brings waves of nostalgia over me ever time I look at it. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was making it in preparation for Asa’s arrival.

To start wrapping up this post, here was our original to-do list for this room:

  • Paint the walls Scanda by Sherwin Williams.
  • Repaint all the trim and door with a fresh coat of white.
  • Remove the curtains and put up some kind of window treatment (old room curtains worked with two windows…new room has three).
  • Hang Asa’s art work.
  • Maximize the closet storage by adding shelves and an addition bar.
  • Replace the smallest ceiling fan in the entire world with a fun lighting fixture (maybe this or this).
  • NEW! Add architectural detail to the walls. Probably something like this. REMOVING THIS!
(Phase 2)
  • Tear out the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. KILLED IT!

As you can see, we are almost done! Another cool thing that came from the “new” flooring is that I no longer think his room needs the architectural detail that I had been pining after. I think that I was struggling with the wall color with the carpet BUT as I mentioned earlier, the warmth of the wood really sets off the walls in a good way. So…that ones gone too!

And finally, the overall cost breakdown of his room so far:

Asa’s Bedroom Source List + Costs

  • Paint - Scanda by Sherwin Williams, 1 Gallon (got on sale, had tools already) $28
  • Rug (Craigslist), dresser (hand-me-down), small table (IKEA), orange chair, already owned, $0
  • All artwork, bedding and accessories, already had it! $0
  • Window treatment, DIY project out of the old curtains and mini blinds, $0
  • New knobs and fabric (Changing pad and back of shelf), Hobby Lobby, $20
  • Wicker clothes basket, free from friend!
  • ClosetMaid cube shelf, Meijer, $40 (I think?)
  • Ikea wire curtain rod, $13
  • New lamp, $15
  • Tools needed for carpet removal, had all but the crow bar, $8
  • Primer for trim, $17
  • Paint for trim, leftover from downstairs bath, $0
  • Floor cleaner and polish, leftover from other project, $0

Total Cost (so far): $141

And there you have it. Carpet removed. Floor polish, New paint on trim, Room arranged. Happy day!

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