Henry House: Nursery

To be honest, this room is almost comical to me now. There was a lot of time spent in curating this nursery, and guess where our sweet baby sleeps? Right next to me in our room (jokes on me, lol). Nonetheless, I love his nursery and will look back on it with fond memories. We play in here, he takes an occasional nap in here, and of course, we do lots of changing and dressing in this room. Especially since it is connected to the attic room that we use/used as the master bedroom! The most popular activity right now is to throw all the toys from inside the crib onto the floor and have mom or dad pick them up….parents…you know this game well. It’s a riot. Sometimes.A few of my favorite elements in this room include: his funky mobile, the teal armoire, the art work (a lot of it is from local artists), and of course, all of the little stuff it houses- socks, shirts, blankets. 
Here are a few of the posts that I have done about his nursery:

If you’d like to see the other posts in this series, click here!

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3 thoughts on “Henry House: Nursery

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